My name is Caspar van Lissa, an assistant professor of Methods & Statistics at Utrecht University.

My research focuses on children’s development of specific socio-emotional skills, such as emotion regulation, empathy, conflict resolution behaviors, and morality. Using person-centered, longitudinal structural equation modeling techniques, I try to disentangle mothers’ and fathers’ unique contributions to child development from stable environmental effects. I am also a data analyst for the Oxford Morals Project.

As an assistant professor of Methods & Statistics at Utrecht University, I study and apply innovative statistical techniques for developmental psychologial research. I have published tools to automate large-scale structural equation modeling analyses (LazySEM), and to explore heterogeneity in meta-analyses (metaforest).

I am committed to the philosophy of Open Science. Scientific progress is a cooperative effort, and transparency will allow us to derive more reliable insights. I try to make all my scientific publications available on the Open Science Framework; this blog is for all the little steps taken in between.

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About Caspar van Lissa
Interdisciplinary social scientist and datascience dilletante.
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