Using WORCS to create reproducible open science projects

This blog post provides a starting point for learning about WORCS: A Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science. Below, you will find all relevant information to get you started with writing reproducible open science papers.


A conference presentation about WORCS is available here on YouTube. It very briefly explains the concepts behind a workflow for open science and the scope of the workflow and the accompanying R-package. The preprint paper detailing these methods is available here (Van Lissa et al., 2020).

If you need to install R before completing this tutorial, I recommend following this tutorial.


In the span of a single cup of coffee, this tutorial demonstrates how to set up a new RStudio project using a worcs project template, and demonstrates all important features.

The “worcshop”

My coauthors and I give invited lectures and workshops on worcs. All lecture slides and other course materials are available here.

If you want to host a worcshop at your institution, please contact dr. Caspar J. van Lissa.

More information

WORCS is a conceptual workflow that can be used to guide open science projects in any computational environment. The worcs package implements all steps in the workflow in R / RStudio, effectively offering a ‘one click solution’ for R-users. The package has a website, which bundles all relevant information, including the following vignettes to help users get started:

Van Lissa, C. J., Brandmaier, A. M., Brinkman, L., Lamprecht, A.-L., Peikert, A., Struiksma, M. E., & Vreede, B. (2020). WORCS: A Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science.